Sharing Schedule

 Schneck will share best practices learned long our journey to excellence. Our sessions will cover:
Organizational Profile (Day 1)
The Organizational Profile is a snapshot of your organization, the key influences on how you operate, and the key challenges you face. This is the resume of your organization. Schneck Medical Center will share how coming to consensus on this first section of the criteria is critical in setting direction and aligning processes and people to sustain your organization. 
Strategic Planning, Knowledge Management, Worksystems & ProcessesThis session will walk through categories 2,4, & 6 and demonstrate how Schneck has been able to align and integrate their key strategic objectives to run the business and change the business into their worksystems and processes.
Leadership, Customer Focus, Workforce Focus
It is easy to lead people where they want to go, but often times Leadership needs to lead people where they need to go. In this session Schneck Medical Center will share principles of transformational leadership and how through inclusion, transparency, and accountability they are getting closer to their vision of Excellence, Every Person, Every Time. 
Cocktails and Dinner
Relax with an evening at The Winery with the Senior Leadership Team and Categories Leads. Transportation will be provided from the three preferred hotels.
Hospital Tour
Tour key areas of the hospital and see how Schneck proactively listens to key stakeholders to improve our facilities, services offered, and customer service scores. The voice of the customer is alive and well within our hospital.
Lunch and Q&A with Senior Leaders
Spend some one on one time with members of our Senior Leadership team to ask questions concerning Schneck’s Journey to Excellence. The purpose of this time is to help others along in their journey as has been done for Schneck so graciously by others.