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The starting place for your care is Schneck Bone & Joint Center

The pain associated with osteoarthritis has deprived many people of their normal activities of daily living. Simple pleasures like walking, shopping, and participating in favorite pastimes, become more difficult or impossible. Diet, exercise, and medications under a physician's care may help alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. When they do not, surgery may be an option.

Total Joint Replacement Program

Schneck is dedicated a special unit to the care of patients who have undergone total joint replacement surgery. The nursing staff, therapists, and other caregivers on this unit are specially trained help manage the particular issues associated with joint replacement surgery.

While in the hospital, you will stay in this specialized unit along with other patients and families undergoing the same procedure. You will enjoy both individual and group activities and other social interaction. You will attend Group Exercise Class with your new friends in the Bone & Joint Center.

Our goal is to return you to a normal, healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. You will receive a customized plan to regain strength, mobility, and a better quality of life. No one wants to be in the hospital, but our wish is to make your hospital visit as pleasant as possible.

National Quality Certification

Schneck's Bone & Joint Center has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for its knee and hip replacement programs by demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission's national standards for healthcare quality and safety.

Schneck is one of only seven programs in Indiana to earn certification in both hip and knee replacement procedures.

Improving the Joint Replacement Experience

Joint replacement at Schneck is not new. What is new is our dedicated Bone & Joint Center offering state-of-the-art care, specialized surgical and nursing teams, patient and family-focused accommodations, streamlined registration, and enhanced pre-op education and post-op follow-up care.

Our Surgeons

Thanks to the board certified orthopedic surgeons of Schneck Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, the care you need is right here in southern Indiana. To learn more, visit their website:

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Schneck is proud to be the only hospital in the region to offer the Anterior Approach Hip Replacement surgery. Patients can expect a faster recovery time, less pain, a reduced hospital stay, and smaller incision with this new procedure.

For more information, click here, or call (812) 524-3311. Ask your healthcare provider about Anterior Approach at Schneck.

Visionaire Knee Replacement

Schneck is proud to be the only hospital in the region to offer the Visionaire knee replacement procedure, by Smith & Nephew. Patients can expect a more accurate knee alignment, faster recovery time, less pain, and longer implant longevity with the Visionaire system. Utilizing MRI and x-ray images of your knee, the system will provide a better replacement experience by potentially reducing both surgery time and recovery. 

The Center and You

The Bone & Joint Center is here to serve you. Call (812) 523-7827 to register for a free joint replacement seminar.