Charity Care

Schneck Medical Center Charitable Assistance Program
No patient is denied needed care due to inability to pay.
Schneck Medical Center's Charitable Assistance Policy was established in order to identify and assist patients who lack the financial resources to meet all or part of their financial liability for services rendered and to determine their eligibility for Schneck Medical Center-based financial assistance.
Schneck's policies allow fair discounts and protection to low income or uninsured patients and ensure consistent and fair collection practices. The Medical Center publishes a charitable assistance policy that is consistent with our mission and values and takes into account each patient's ability to contribute to the cost of his or her care and the Medical Center's financial ability to provide care. We are further committed to ensuring a financially sound organization through responsible care of the resources entrusted to us, so that we may continue to provide outstanding medical care with a highly skilled workforce employing the latest advances.
The Medical Center communicates this policy to the public by the following means:
  • The Medical Center conspicuously posts in all registration areas of the Medical Center the telephone number that patients may call to obtain further information on the Medical Center’s charitable assistance policy.
  • The patient handbook includes information on the Medical Center's charitable assistance policy.
  • Computerized billing statements include information on the charitable assistance policy including contact information, telephone numbers, and an email address for any patient requesting assistance.
Schneck Medical Center's Charitable Assistance Program is designed to:
  • Use a consistent sliding fee scale for patient liability in assessing patient financial need. The ranges serve as a guide in offering charitable assistance.
  • Provide extended payment plans with no interest charges to our low income and uninsured patients.
  • Assist patients in applying for state and/or federal financial aid programs for which they qualify.
Contact us:
For more information, please call Patient Financial Services at 812-522-0413.