Visitors Info

Parking and Directions

Schneck's Visitor Parking is located in front of the hospital, just off of Tipton Street (Hwy 50). Visitors should enter the hospital through the sliding doors. Patient drop-off, pickup, and parking is provided at the main entrance just off of Brown Street. Patients and their families can enter the hospital through the circular Patient Entrance doors.

Schneck Medical Center is located at 411 West Tipton Street in Seymour. Click here for a detailed map.

Schneck Cafeteria

Schneck offers dining on the main level, near the patient entrance. The cafeteria features a wide selection of menu options and grab and go items seven days a week. Click here for our cafeteria hours.

Pastoral Care

Spiritual health is an important part of healing. Schneck Medical Center welcomes visits from pastors of all denominations. If you do not have a relationship with a pastor and desire to speak with one, we will make arrangements for a clergy member to see you.

Going Home

Discharge Planner/Social Worker
Our Patient Services Department provides a wide range of services. These services are designed to help and support healthcare activities. The staff includes experienced social workers and nurses who become involved early in the hospital stay to encourage the patient and family to participate in the treatment and discharge plan. These services include: 

  • Counseling to help with lifestyle changes which may be necessary because of the patient's medical condition and helping patients and families affected by chronic and terminal illnesses.
  • Information and referral assistance to connect patients and families with community resources related to insurance, legal, and financial programs.
  • Discharge Planning which includes help in obtaining medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, commodes, canes, walkers, feeding pumps, and glucose monitoring machines.
  • Skilled home care services which include IV therapy and nutrition management.
  • Home care support such as hospice, home companions, housekeeping, and other chore services.
  • Placement services to nursing homes and transfers to other hospitals.
  • Special transportation arrangements for wheelchair and stretcher transports by medical van or ambulance. 
  • The professional staff considers the social values and economic environment in which the patient lives and works. The patient and family are involved in decisions regarding the needs identified, the plans for intervention and the providers to be utilized for services and/or referrals. This information is shared with the health care team and contributes to the treatment and rehabilitation of the whole person. Requests for Patient Services may be made through the physician, nurse, or other health care team member, or you may call (812) 522-0440.

When your family member or friend is officially discharged, a hospital volunteer or transporter will take them out of the hospital in a wheelchair to assure their comfort and safety on the way to the car. Before leaving the hospital, make sure the patient thoroughly understands the physician and/or health team's instructions and recommendations.

Education and Support
Schneck offers patient and family education and support services. There are also a number of support groups meeting regularly to assist in coping with health conditions. Check our Wellness Events & Classes for more information on these groups and services. If you have questions about our offerings, contact our Community Wellness department by calling (812) 523-5861.