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Insurance and Managed Care Partners

Schneck accepts most major health insurance plans. Schneck Financial Services will file with your commercial insurance plan using the insurance information you provide at registration.

You can expect to receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance provider after your visit. This is not a bill, but a detailed summary of the services provided while at the hospital. The EOB will also detail other fees associated with your visit. For example, if you have an emergency room visit, you can expect to see charges for your emergency room visit, the provider who saw you, supplies that were used during your visit, medications given, diagnostic tests (such as x-ray or blood work), and provider charges associated with interpreting the diagnostic tests. 

Important Points

  • If you do not see your insurance listed below, please contact your insurance provider before your visit to ensure you will be covered.
  • Our hospital partners with physician groups to provide medical services such as pathology, radiology, and emergency services. Those partners may not accept the same insurance plans as Schneck.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Aetna (Cofinity) Managed Health Services Hoosier Care Connect
Anthem Medicare
Anthem Medicaid Medicaid (Traditional plan)
Anthem Hoosier Care Connect MD Wise Medicaid
Anthem Marketplace MD Wise Hoosier Care Connect
Anthem Advantage (Medicare replacement plan) Sagamore/Cigna
Humana (Commercial and Medicare replacement plan) SIHO
IU Healthcare (Medicare replacement plan through SIHO) SIHO Marketplace
Managed Health Services United Healthcare (Commercial and Medicare replacement plan)
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