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Restore Hope. Restore Life.
Brittany Percival - March 27, 2017
A project to fund the new Rehabilitation Center and the Cancer Center's newly updated 4D CT Simulator. 
The Doctor Will Hear You Now
Schneck Medical Center - March 23, 2017
Annual checkups. Traditionally, these visits have involved running tests and looking for things that might be wrong, particularly if you have a current health problem or symptoms that might indicate that you are ill.

However, if you’re healthy and have no signs of illness, you may still want to schedule regular checkups with your doctor. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services specifically recommends annual well-woman visits, which include a Pap test, pelvic exam and preventive care.

It’s important to find a doctor who listens to your individual questions and concerns.
Skillet Tortilla Pizza
Bethany Daugherty, MS, RDN, CD - March 21, 2017
March is National Nutrition Month.  This year's theme is "Put Your Best Fork Forward" reminding you that you have the tools necessary to make healthy choices.  Put your best fork forward by making this skillet tortilla pizza where we substitute some ingredients to make a pizza healthier than carry-out!
Skin to Skin & The Golden Hour
Amie Brunner, RN - March 16, 2017
That first hour after your baby has been delivered is precious. Learn more about Skin to Skin and the Golden Hour.
Out With The Old, In With The New
Jerica Helton, PTA - March 03, 2017
RElocated. REdesigned. REinspired.
Schneck Rehabilitation has a new and improved location!
Foodie Duty
Schneck Medical Center - March 02, 2017
You may not consider yourself a gourmet cook or fine food aficionado, but what you eat and how you prepare food for yourself and your family can keep you healthy and help prevent serious disease. It can also help you and your family maintain a healthy weight, prevents chronic disease and boosts your energy levels. 
Best Beginnings
Amie Brunner, RN - February 24, 2017
As an expectant mother, have you ever thought about sitting down and having an open question and answer discussion with doctors, nurses, and a dietitian? 
Winter Fruit Salad
Bethany Daugherty, MS, RDN, CD - February 21, 2017
Add some sweetness and a touch of mint to your meal with in-season winter fruit. 
Yes, Virginia, there IS a Pharmacy in the Hospital
Kathy Bradley, RPh - February 20, 2017
You mean there’s a pharmacy in the hospital?
Flu Prevention and Symptoms
Julie Idlewine, Schneck Marketing - February 20, 2017
There are things you can do on a daily basis to help you and your family ward off the flu and other viruses this flu season. 
Silent Night?
Schneck Medical Center - December 13, 2016
Does your partner keep you up half the night sounding like a bulldozer or a freight train?  You aren’t alone. Almost half of adults snore occasionally, and 25% snore regularly. Occasional snoring is not dangerous, but chronic snoring may require medical attention. Snoring can be stressful on a relationship and leave a bed partner fatigued, but it can also be an indication of a more serious problem.
Who is that Masked Man (or Woman) Behind the Glass?
Kathy Bradley, RPh - December 13, 2016
Please allow me to introduce myself; I'm your Schneck Hospital Pharmacy.
Christmas Tree Safety
Schneck Medical Center - December 12, 2016
Are you making sure that your Christmas tree is a source of joy and not a danger this season? 
Achoo or the Flu?
Schneck Medical Center - November 23, 2016
Though it tends to coincide with many fall and winter holidays, no one looks forward to flu season. How can you tell the difference between a case of the sniffles and something more serious? Influenza (also called “the flu”) and the common cold are both respiratory illnesses and have similar symptoms, but are caused by different viruses and have a different level of severity.
The Great American Smokeout
Sally Acton, RN, BSN, OCN, MSM, Director of Cancer and Palliative Care Services - November 07, 2016
Set a Quit Day: You Can Do It!
Flu Kills
Anita Reecer, Infection Preventionist - October 21, 2016
The flu vaccination is a life saver. Protect yourself and your family by getting the flu shot this year.
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Bethany Daugherty, MS, RDN, CD - October 17, 2016
Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium.  For a twist on your normal mashed potatoes, try making these Mashed Sweet Potatoes. 
The Pink Explosion
Sally Acton, RN, BSN, OCN, MSM, Director of Cancer and Palliative Care Services - October 04, 2016
What is all this pink about? October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the color pink as its trademark.
Better Breakfast Month
Bethany Daugherty, MS, RDN, CD - September 15, 2016
September is Better Breakfast Month.  Try these Overnight Oats to make your breakfast better!
Are you susceptible to sepsis?
Heather Wessel - September 14, 2016
September is Sepsis Awareness Month. Learn more about who's at risk and symptoms to look for.
Sepsis Awareness Day
Heather Wessel - September 13, 2016

Did you know that September 13th is sepsis awareness day in Indiana?

I've got your back
Jerica Helton, PTA - August 19, 2016
Low back pain? Learn how a few changes in your daily routine can save your back!
Zika, Mosquito Safety, and You
Anita Reecer, Infection Preventionist - August 12, 2016

Practical tips to prevent the spread of Zika and other mosquito borne diseases.




Guild Courtesy Shuttle At Your Service
Amy Cockerham-Volunteer Manager - August 09, 2016
Schneck Guild operates a Courtesy Shuttle for patients and visitors of our campus. Find out how we can assist you or ways you can volunteer for the program.
Germ Zapper
Anita Reecer, Infection Preventionist - July 20, 2016
UV technology used at Schneck to improve patient safety.
Beat the Heat with FroYo Pops
Bethany Daugherty, MS, RDN, CD - July 05, 2016
Making your own popsicles is easy and economical. Plus, it's a healthy summer snack.
Out with the Old, In with the New!
Julie Idlewine - June 15, 2016
Schneck introduces a new website to better meet the demands of today's digital-savvy patients.
Eating Healthy Closer to Home
- May 09, 2016
Eating fresh produce has countless health benefits. From weight loss, to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, healthy living can change your quality of life. Living healthy however, is notoriously known for being expensive. With organic products costing up to twice as much as their non-organic counterparts, eating fresh can be difficult, especially on a budget.
Time to Slather on the Sunscreen
- May 09, 2016
Summer is just around the corner, and after a long winter, many of us can’t wait for those pool days and hours in the sun. But before you grab your favorite magazine and relax poolside, be sure to apply your sunscreen.
Brush Up on Good Health
- May 09, 2016
A wise person once said, “You don’t have to brush your teeth — just the ones you want to keep.” Nowadays, we know that oral hygiene is not only about keeping your teeth, but also about maintaining your overall health! If your eyes are considered the windows to the soul, then your mouth can be considered a window to your wellbeing.
When NOT Sleeping Becomes a Nightmare
Dr. Jeffrey Hagedorn - May 09, 2016
Feeling tired after a bad night's sleep may seem like an inevitable part of life, but sometimes it’s a sign of a more serious problem that can have a big effect on your health if you ignore it.
Managing Osteoarthritis
- May 09, 2016
Osteoarthritis affects many people of all ages. It is the wearing away of the smooth surface of the joint to the point that eventually bone is rubbing on bone. Most patients notice a dull, achy, sometimes sharp pain when first getting up after prolonged sitting, getting out of a low seat or car, and walking stairs.
Help for a Healthy Heart
Dr. Steve Windley - December 23, 2015
The search for treatment of heart disease has led to vast changes in diet such as substituting margarine for butter and saying “no” to red meat. Now we find that such advice probably made the situation worse. Learn about treatments and supplements to help strengthen the heart.
What to Eat
Dr. Steve Windley - December 23, 2015
A healthy diet is critical to improving energy, managing weight, and feeling your best.  Unfortunately, our diets have gotten terribly off track in terms of nutrition and our health is paying the price. This Information is designed to provide you with the specific information on what foods to eat to better your health. 
Ideal Detox Foods
Dr. Steve Windley - December 23, 2015
Detox regimens are trending right now. Food-based detox programs prevail as the most widely accepted and safest methods of cleansing the body.
Tips for Better Digestion
Dr. Steve Windley - December 23, 2015
The benefits of a healthy digestive system are limitless to the body. What and how we eat helps determine everything from our physique to overall well-being. Get tips for better digestion.
Do You Eat Organic?
Dr. Steve Windley - December 22, 2015
Learn more about organic food and if there is a benefit to eating organic.
Benefits of Exercise
Dr. Steve Windley - December 22, 2015
There are many benefits of starting and maintaining a regular exercise plan.
How to Boost Energy Naturally
Dr. Steve Windley - December 22, 2015
Learn how you can regulate your energy patterns with these tips.
How to Deal with Chronic Pain the Natural Way
Dr. Steve Windley - December 22, 2015
Regular or frequent pain can be a frustrating and sometimes debilitating obstacle. Whatever the condition, many natural remedies exist to help alleviate everyday aches.
A Different Approach to Medicine
Dr. Steve Windley - December 22, 2015
Rather than just treating symptoms, Dr. Windley teaches patients how to maintain healthy lifestyles. 
The Advantages of Gluten Free
Dr. Steve Windley - December 22, 2015
For people who can't properly process gluten, uncomfortable symptoms occur. Learn about going gluten free and the positive effects on your health. 
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