Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Schneck is honored to be one of the 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients. To date, Schneck is the first of two organizations from Indiana to achieve this prestigious award. 

A presidential award, the Baldrige Award is the highest level of national recognition for performance excellence that a U.S. organization can receive. Congress established the program to recognize U.S. manufacturing, service, education, health care, non-profits and small business organizations for their achievements in quality and business performance and to raise awareness about the importance of quality and performance excellence in gaining a competitive edge. 

To receive the Baldrige Award, an organization must have a role-model organizational management system that ensures continuous improvement in the delivery of products and/or services, demonstrates efficient and effective operations, and provides a way of engaging and responding to customers and other stakeholders. 

In conjunction with being honored with the award, we are proud to share best practices and learning experiences along our journey to excellence. For more information, send us an email or call (812) 522-0551.