Schneck is proud to recognize the vital role nursing plays in providing patient care. These DAISY Award recipients represent the compassionate care that all Schneck nurses deliver every day. 

Belinda Bowman, BSN, RN, RNC-OB, OB Unit
Belinda is an experienced nurse on our OB unit, on the 5th floor, with more than 25 years of experience helping our youngest patients and their mothers through the birth process. Her nomination reads:
A patient was in labor on her birthday. The family was excited to meet the baby and completely forgot it was her birthday. The patient was upset, so Belinda made a special trip to the gift shop to gather a few goodies such as a new bag, snacks for after delivery, chocolate, a balloon, and other small items. The staff created a custom card to reflect the patient's love for tacos. After a few decorations were brought into her room, the staff sang her Happy Birthday. The patient was so excited and her family immediately realized how important this "last" birthday alone was to her. Belinda made a difference in this patient's life after taking the time to identify the importance of a birthday celebration despite spontaneous labor and went above and beyond to offer the best birthday celebration a hospital can offer.

Kaylee Massey, BSN, RN, 3 North
Kaylee is a nurse on our 3 North inpatient floor. Her nomination reads:
"Kaylee cared for my great uncle in his final days of life. She saw that his condition was deteriorating and advocated for hospice care. When Kaylee got resistance from his primary physician, she continued to seek ways to get him the comfort care that he so desperately needed. Kaylee treated the patient as if he was her own family member. She worked tirelessly to make him comfortable and try to get him to eat so that he could gain some energy. Kaylee also worked with the hospice team to find a diagnosis that was fitting for hospice so that he could make the transition. My family is eternally grateful for the care that he received. My family stated that because of the care their loved one received, they would never chose a different hospital, and because of Kaylee's care, they felt at home."

Romayne Trueblood, BSN, RN, CST, Emergency Department
Romayne is a Patient Care Supervisor in our emergency department, or ED. Her nomination from a coworker at Schneck reads:
"My brother is mentally handicapped, with the mental capacity of a five year old; Physically he is normal. His behavior had become out of control and he was brought to the ED on two separate occasions. Romy was not his nurse either time; However, she went above and beyond both times that he came to the ED. He was there for several hours waiting for a transfer to another medical facility. Romy would come to check on him. He became upset several different times while waiting. He was very unhappy and didn't want to go anywhere but home. Romy sat down with him and just listened to him talk. She brought him food from the cafeteria and intermittently brought him snacks. This was a big deal to him - he felt special. He would say, 'She's nice. I like her. Look what she brought me.' She became his friend. I know she was juggling her patients but she made time for him. When it was time for him to be transferred to a facility, he was refusing.

"Romy assisted my mom to a private area for her to speak with someone from the facility. She was able to hear because the conversation was on speaker phone. As guardian, my mother was able to give consent for him to be transferred. Romy made sure she was in a room with complete privacy and when she began to cry Romy comforted her.

"The second occasion he was brought into the ED, Romy was working again and immediately came to see him. His aggression was more escalated and I was unable to calm him down. He remembered Romy and she was able to calm him down. Again, Romy went out of her way and took the time to sit with him. She made sure he had food from the cafeteria, snacks, and drinks. I know that both occasions she had used her badge to pay for his meals.

"I know he was not her family but he was treated as if he was. I know she has the compassion and love that we as nurses should demonstrate. There are so many times that she went well beyond what was expected of her as a nurse. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her."

Heidi Wheatley, BSN, RN, CMSRN, ICU
Heidi is an experienced nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. Her nomination from a coworker reads:
"Heidi is an amazing nurse. She goes above and beyond to help patients and their families feel special. I believe she also impacts the care of all patients by the way she takes care of the other nurses in the hospital. She makes them feel special and appreciated.

"In the last year, she has made special gifts for the staff during recognition weeks. She frequently gives her co-workers encouragement and kind thank you notes. She is always thoughtful and takes time to provide recognition to her co-workers. This past fall she made baskets with treats for random departments to boost morale during construction. The departments were then encouraged to refill the basket, and pay it forward to another department. These baskets were passed around the entire month of October brightening spirits. The happy caregivers receiving these small acts of kindness were able to pass this on to the patients they cared for. Even though this was an indirect example of a meaningful difference, it had an impact on patient care.

"I treasure Heidi's cards on the hard days. She helps me be a better nurse, person, and make a difference every day. I appreciate the time she spends on improving and boosting morale."


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