Professional Practice and Governance

Schneck nurses are dedicated to providing excellent nursing care to our patients and community.   


Organization Mission Statement

To improve the health of our communities

Nursing Vision Statement

Excellence in professional practice that advances the health and wellness of our community

Nursing Philosophy

  • We believe nursing is an applied art and science with the focus of professional practice being to support individuals, families, and communities in achieving optimum health and well-being. Supportive systems include prevention, education, and care delivery throughout the continuum of care.
  • Professional nurses collaborate with physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, and other disciplines to ensure patient care is coordinated, comprehensive and evidence-based.
  • Nursing accepts the responsibility of providing patient-centered, high-quality and cost-effective nursing care for all patients and their families.
  • We believe the provision of highly-skilled and specialized nursing care is essential to the fulfillment of the mission at Schneck – “to improve the health of our communities.”
  • We are committed to providing a professional work environment for nurses that seeks to improve delivery of patient care through shared governance, performance improvement, effective communication, professional development, continuous learning and collegial relationships with other members of the healthcare team.

Organization Values

Compassion + Integrity + Accountability + Vision = Excellence in Nursing


Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model demonstrates “how” nursing is accomplished and supports nurses at all levels in achieving positive outcomes, building workplace advocacy and providing needed resources through shared decision-making entities or shared governance councils. It includes Schneck’s core competency of Patient First; the RN, as the Coordinator of Care; and practicing the profession of nursing through an interprofessional approach. These components support registered nurse control over the delivery of nursing care and the environment in which care is delivered.



Shared Governance

Shared Governance (SG) is an important part of the nursing infrastructure at Schneck. SG councils are implemented to empower and foster high-level functioning professional nurses in a culture that is collaborative, respectful, and permeating with a philosophy of professional practice, quality improvement, and life-long learning. The SG infrastructure engages nurses across the organization and at all levels in decision-making processes and promotes collegial relationships

For more information about nursing excellence at Schneck, please reach out to our Nurse Excellence and Innovation Supervisor