Patient & Family Advisory Council

Ensuring the Patient’s Voice is Heard

The Patient & Family Advisory Council is a unique partnership established in 2010 to enhance the patient and family experience by providing a voice in shaping the delivery of healthcare at Schneck.

The Patient & Family Advisory Council consists of patients, their family members, and staff liaisons, who work together to ensure the next patient’s or family member’s journey is a positive experience. The group represents a diverse population of age, gender and cultural backgrounds. Together, they listen, communicate, plan, and develop responsive services.

Following our Patient First philosophy, it is vital that our work, our care, and our decisions be guided by the needs of our patients. But to truly be guided by the needs of our patients, we must first listen to them. The goal of the council is to achieve the best outcomes for patients through a closer, mutual relationship between the healthcare professionals, the patient, and their family.

For more information about Schneck’s Patient & Family Advisory Council, please contact Schneck Patient Services by calling (812) 522-0440 or emailing us.