Who is that Masked Man (or Woman) Behind the Glass?
Kathy Bradley, RPh - December 13, 2016
Who are those people behind the window – the ones in lab coats and scrubs?

A traditional pharmacy has pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in tandem to dispense medications. You are likely very familiar with your local retail pharmacy, like CVS or Walgreens. Schneck, like most hospitals, has an in-house pharmacy to serve our patients during their stay or outpatient medical procedure. Our basic pharmacy function is similar, but hospital pharmacies are in tune with caring for critically ill patients while they are in the hospital.

Pharmacists are vital members of multidisciplinary patient-care teams, playing a critical role in preventing medication errors, advising prescribers on the best drug choices, working with nursing to streamline complicated medication regimens, and advising patients directly to ensure they understand how to use critical medications safely and effectively.

Sterile Pharmacy Medication PreparationPharmacy Techs
Highly trained, certified technicians are indispensable in maintaining optimal stock levels of medications, and ensuring that all medications are in date and are stored safely and appropriately. They prepare all varieties of formulations ranging from packaged tablets to oral suspensions to more complicated oncology regimens, and are key in the distribution of those essential medications. Another key role includes overseeing the most efficient use of inventory kept on each floor so that medications are readily available for patient therapy.

While often behind the scenes, your Schneck Hospital Pharmacy plays a crucial role in getting and keeping you well.