Germ Zapper
Anita Reecer, Infection Preventionist - July 20, 2016
Schneck has added two new members to our Environmental Services team! They are the new shining stars or should I say shining lights of our commitment to patient safety!  Once a room is manually cleaned by our environmental staff, one of our two UV light units is brought in to disinfect patient rooms.
When I seek treatment, I come to Schneck and so does my family. I want to have the peace of mind that my hospital is doing all it can so my family has a good outcome. That's where UV technology steps in.

UV technology works by damaging the DNA of the germ. Once damaged, the germ can’t grow, reproduce, or cause infections. Two of the most concerning germs we as hospitals fight are MRSA (Methicillinresistant Staphlococcus aureus) and Cdiff (Clostridium difficile). This technology obliterates these germs and many more!

As infection Preventionist, I get to see firsthand what a great job environment services does to protect our patients. With this added layer of protection, our cleaning and disinfection process is among the best in the region. I can rest assured that my family is safe, and your family is safe too!