Eating Healthy Closer to Home
- May 09, 2016
Eating fresh produce has countless health benefits. From weight loss, to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, healthy living can change your quality of life. Living healthy however, is notoriously known for being expensive. With organic products costing up to twice as much as their non-organic counterparts, eating fresh can be difficult, especially on a budget. By knowing the tips and benefits of beginner growing, a healthy lifestyle will become a natural choice. 
To kick the cost, do the growing at home. Although going to the grocery store is more convenient, the cost is not. Pre-started plants (not seeds) cost around $4 a pack and last about 3 months, while a pound of store bought tomatoes costs around $3.50, and only lasts a week. After only a couple weeks of growing your own vegetables, money will be back in your pocket and the garden will be supplying.
Knowing your Food
Having a produce heavy diet can also increase your energy levels. With high amounts of natural energy, fruit is a great vitality booster. Since most store-bought food is grown using pesticides and fertilizers, not all food is created equal. Growing your own produce allows for total control over what is put on your plate. By using organic soil and keeping the produce pesticide and fertilizer-free, eating organic can come at a more manageable cost.
Guaranteed Fresh
Cooking fruits and vegetables can cause them to lose some of their health benefits. To keep the crunch and the nutrients, eat your produce when it is most fresh. By eating produce when it is first picked, you can avoid a buildup of leftovers and gain the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
What we eat directly affects our health. By growing cost-effective food, knowing what you’re eating, and consuming it fresh, living a healthy lifestyle can be as simplistic as it is beneficial.