Restore Hope. Restore Life.
Brittany Percival - March 27, 2017
The Schneck Foundation's 2017 project efforts are well underway! We have committed to raising $1.5 million to help fund the new Rehabilitation Center and technology upgrade to our 4D CT Simulator for our Schneck Cancer Center. Listening to our committee members, and conducting a community feasibility study, we are able to support these two projects that that have the greatest community health need. Learn more about the Restoring Hope. Restoring Life. project:

Reduce wait times. Provide more comfortable reception area with additional seating. Offer larger therapy space for patient privacy. Improve Parking. Create one location for all rehabilitation services and needs. 
These were all comments from our patients, staff members, and volunteers that were utilized in the creation of our new Rehabilitation Center. This beautiful, state of the art center is something that is a must see. The natural light within the rehab center is breathtaking. It allows patients to feel motivated and ready to get back to their activities of daily living.

Can you believe that the Schneck Cancer Center has been open for ten years? How many times within the past ten years have you changed laptops or cell phones? Ten years is a LONG time when talking about a technology upgrade! We have upgraded our 4D CT Simulator, allowing Schneck to continue to provide the best patient care possible, close to home. The 4D CT imaging has respiratory gating which allows us to capture a large number of individual CT scans at various phases of the respiratory cycle. This allows the radiation oncologist to watch the movement of the tumor while the patient continues to breath at their normal rate. This technology also reduces the treatment area by sparing surrounding health tissue and leads to decreased complications. 

The past couple of months have been very exciting within the Schneck Foundation! Our volunteers are eager to share our story and educate businesses and community members about our partnership efforts that we have available! If you would like more information, please feel free to reach out to us at (812) 524-4244. Restoring Hope. Restoring Life. is an exceptional opportunity to ensure that you or someone you love will have quality healthcare readily available. Imagine having the opportunity to align your legacy with one that restores hope and life. That day is now upon us.