Prenatal and Breastfeeding Education
Amie Brunner, RN - November 04, 2017
Prenatal education and breastfeeding information are both great resources that you can use during your pregnancy to help take better care of both you and your growing baby. The classes are offered once every other month and registration is required. Registration is simple and can be completed here on our website by going to Maternity Classes and Events

Prenatal class is the second Saturday of the month. This class covers a wide variety of topics such as body changes from pre-pregnancy to pregnant stage, symptoms associated with pregnancy, how to prepare for the hospital, and what is normal for pregnancy and when you should call the doctor.  We also discuss the actual labor and delivery process, true labor versus false labor, OB triage visits, pain and pain management, and what to expect after your baby has arrived. The class includes a tour of the labor and delivery floor so that you will be more familiar with your room and how to arrive at the Family Life Center when it is time to welcome your baby. This is a great class to give you the basic information and get you started on your parenthood journey.

Breastfeeding class is the Monday after prenatal class. Breastfeeding class covers topics such as myths and facts associated with breastfeeding, the different holds that can be used when you feed your baby, feeding cues for baby, and nutrition for mom. Also discussed is how the body makes milk, the supply and demand of breastfeeding and milk production, colostrum and mature milk, and pumping. This is a great class to help mothers-to-be better understand breastfeeding and prepare for breastfeeding.

If you have any questions or need more information, just ask at your next OB appointment or call the Schneck Family Life Center at (812)522-0435.