All About Tandem Nursing
Amie Brunner, RN - July 18, 2018

What is tandem nursing?

Tandem nursing is simply nursing two children, whether the mother has another baby while still breastfeeding an older child or if a mother has twins and is breastfeeding.
A mother’s body does amazing things when she is breastfeeding. If a mother is tandem nursing, she will produce enough milk for both children. Research has shown that a mother breastfeeding two children, or more, has the capability to produce large amounts of milk.

What are the benefits of tandem nursing?

There are many benefits to both children and the mother, including:
  • helping with engorgement
  • keeping the older child’s immunity up
  • providing unrivaled nutrition for both children
  • allowing for sibling bonding time
Positioning during tandem nursing is very important. The mother should experiment with a variety of positions, pillows, and locations. It may be easier to tandem nurse two children in bed instead of in a chair or on the couch.

During the time when your colostrum is in, the new mother will need to nurse the infant first and then the older child. Once breast milk matures, women can nurse either child first or at the same time.  Another benefit of tandem nursing, women can either start the weaning process when ready, or let the older child do self-weaning when they are ready.

Nutrition is very important for any breastfeeding mother, especially the tandem nursing mother. Prenatal vitamins are still important to the nursing mother as is drinking to thirst. Typically women who tandem nurse will need an extra 500 calories per day.

Tandem nursing, like any breastfeeding experience, will take time and adjustment but can be done successfully. Schneck has lactation specialists and experienced nurses available 24/7 as a resource. Ask questions and contact our Lactation Team for any concerns by calling 812-522-0435.