Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes
Bethany Daugherty, MS, RDN, LD - August 26, 2019
Try these Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes for your next weekend breakfast and freeze the rest for a quick workday breakfast.  The addition of ricotta cheese to the batter makes these pancakes extra fluffy and rich.  This recipe calls for blueberries, but you could use strawberries as well.  Though small, blueberries provide big nutrition.  Blueberries provide dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and manganese, a mineral that helps with bone formation.


1 cup flour
2 tsp. baking powder
¼ cup sugar
¼ tsp. salt
1 cup skim milk
2 eggs, beaten
½ cup part-skim ricotta cheese
2 cups fresh blueberries
  1. Mix flour, baking powder, sugar and salt together in a medium bowl.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together skim milk, eggs and ricotta cheese. 
  3. Gradually add flour mixture to milk, eggs and ricotta.  Whisk until combined.  Do not overmix.
  4. Fold blueberries into pancake batter.
  5. Heat skillet over medium heat and spray with cooking spray.  For each pancake, pour approximately ¼ cup of batter onto skillet.  Cook 2-3 minutes or until top is bubbly and turn to cook other side. 
Makes: 8 pancakes
Serving Size: 1 pancake
Nutrition facts per serving: Calories 146; Fat 2.5g; Saturated fat 1.2g; Protein 6g; Carbohydrate 25g; Fiber 1g; Cholesterol 53g; Sodium 124mg
Recipe from Spirit of Women.