Family Donates Cuddle Cot to Schneck
Schneck Medical Center - August 26, 2019
On a fall afternoon day in 2017 Brian and Linzi Scheidler were happy and optimistic as they drove to their 20-week checkup at Schneck Obstetrics and Gynecology. They were excited to see their baby for the first time by ultrasound at the appointment. Little did they know that day would change their lives.
During the checkup, the doctor gave them news of the unthinkable – there was no heartbeat. Their worst nightmare had happened, the loss of their first child. “We were heartbroken and absolutely devastated,” said Linzi. The difficult decision was made to induce labor and deliver their baby two days later.
Linzi and Brian arrived at the hospital very early on delivery day. The nurses on the labor and delivery floor administered medication to start the labor process. While the couple waited for the medicines to take effect, “the nurse prepared us for what was to come. They warned us of all the possible things that could happen that would be difficult to withstand. So many things were said and done to make sure we were as prepared as we could be.”  
Later in the day contractions began and then intensified. Before they knew it, Isaiah Paul quietly came into the world. The nurses wrapped him on a blanket and placed him in Linzi’s arms. “Brian and I were overwhelmed with sorrow, but overall we somehow felt and even stronger sense of joy. We were the parents of our first-born child, Isaiah Paul Scheidler. We spent hours with him. The pain of knowing we wouldn’t be taking him home was excruciating. Many tears were shared between us and our families.”
The couple recently started a Go Found Me page to help other families who experience a stillbirth at Schneck. According to the March of Dimes, about one in one hundred, or one percent, of U.S. pregnancies end in stillbirth. The Scheidlers used the money raised to purchase a Cuddle Cot. A Cuddle Cot is a cooling device for the baby that is used to give families more time to spend together before saying their final goodbyes. It essentially delays the effects that time and air exposure can inflict on the baby’s body, which is something no parents should ever have to see happen.

CuddleCot_2.png“It is our prayer that we are able to provide this for other families to honor our son, Isaiah Paul, to bring them comfort and peace in knowing that they are not alone and that they will get to remember their child looking as they did when they met them for the first time.”
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