4 Health Issues You Can Avoid by Taking Care of Your Feet
Schneck Medical Center - April 08, 2021

4 Health Issues You Can Avoid by Taking Care of Your Feet

Your feet are the foundation of most of your daily activities, whether you realize it or not. Maybe they help you do your job, run marathons, go to school—or all the above! No matter how you use them, your feet get you through a lot.
Since April is National Foot Health Awareness Month, now is a great time to check in on your most important mode of transportation! In fact, taking care of your feet can help you avoid more than just foot pain. Check out these four health issues you can avoid by taking care of your feet.

1. Heart and Weight Concerns

We’ve discussed before the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to avoid heart and weight issues. Staying active and participating in regular cardiovascular exercise contribute to better overall health, and your feet play a big role in that. Therefore, taking care of your feet will take care of the rest of your body.

2. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an injury specific to your feet: It occurs when the ligament that supports the arch in your foot becomes irritated and inflamed. Since it can be caused by running or high-impact activity, make sure to stretch, listen to your body, and take breaks if you start to feel pain. Plantar Fasciitis can be easy to treat but might require surgery if not properly cared for.

3. Decreased Mobility

Movement is good for your body and mind, whether it’s exercise, work, or being able to get to the kitchen. If you’ve ever suffered illness or injury that kept you off your feet, then you know that choosing to sit all day is different than having to. By taking care of your feet, you’re allowing yourself the mobility and freedom to move about your day. (Added bonus: That can make your day less stressful!)

4. Common Foot Pain

Of course, taking care of your feet helps avoid common foot pain, too. These issues include:
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Blisters
  • Bunions
  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Ingrown toenails
And more—most of which can be pretty easily avoided. Make sure you’re keeping your feet dry, and wearing shoes with the right size and support for whatever you’re doing. Shoes that are too tight, have too much heel, or don’t have enough support can harm your feet and lead to bigger issues.

Need Help?

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