How to Eat Healthy While Working from Home
Schneck Medical Center - March 25, 2021

How to Eat Healthy While Working from Home

When it comes to remote work, separating work and home environments is one of the biggest challenges. Work feels less like work when done from the kitchen table, and home feels less relaxed when casual spaces become your office.
That said, maintaining a healthy diet is another big challenge of working from home. Eating healthy is still very possible—it just requires self-control and a few changes. (But if you’ve switched to remote work, then you’re already familiar with changing your routine, right?)
Here are three practical tips on eating healthy, featuring advice from our experts.

1. Avoid using the kitchen as a workspace

This is your first and most crucial step, since working in the kitchen means food is within reach. You could find and finish a bag of chips while being on a conference call and not even realize it!
Try moving your workspace to a room with fewer distractions. Andi Bukowski, Registered Dietitian at Schneck, says that limiting distractions will help you be more intentional about which foods you choose. It will also help you take your time with what you eat. Being more aware of your food choices will naturally help you eat healthier.

2. Plan Ahead

When working from home, meal planning and preparation can be game-changers for your diet and overall routine. Take some time over the weekend to prepare a few days’ worth of meals and snacks. Then, schedule in time to eat. If you normally took morning and afternoon snack breaks in the office, then do so from home, too. Set reminders on your phone and only eat at those times, rather than whenever you want!
Need recipe inspiration? “Start with to find recipes and meal planning suggestions,” says Jill Whitaker, Registered Dietitian for Schneck. “You can search for a keyword like ‘chicken’ and find new ideas for how to add that to your meal plans.”
Bethany Daugherty, part of the Strive Health and Wellness Department at Schneck Medical Center, also suggests checking out new cookbooks from your local library. To find recipes from home, check out Schneck’s YouTube channel for videos of health recipes.

3. Don’t Buy Junk Food

Like we said, eating healthier takes self-control. But if you don’t have junk food available, you won’t have a chance to eat it!
“Instead, eat a variety of nutritious foods every day, focusing on vegetables, lean protein, and low-fat dairy,” says Andi Bukowski. “And don’t forget to hydrate with sugar-free drinks.”
Resist the urge to buy processed, sugary foods at the grocery store, and your future self will thank you. Healthy foods keep your mind clear and energy levels up, allowing you to get more work done. By following these three practical tips, you can maintain a healthy diet even while working from home.
Looking for more nutrition and weight management tips? Find more information on our blog, or talk to your primary care physician about a referral to one of Schneck's Registered Dietitians.