All About Tandem Nursing
Amie Brunner, RN - July 18, 2018
Learn about tandem nursing, its benefits, and useful tips.
Breast Shells & Nipple Shields
Amie Brunner, RN - May 14, 2018
Information about breast shells and nipple shields for the breastfeeding mom!
The Flu and You-What to Do-Part 2
Amie Brunner - March 04, 2018
This blog post discusses breastfeeding when the mother or infant has the flu. 
Prenatal and Breastfeeding Education
Amie Brunner, RN - November 04, 2017
Learn about prenatal and breastfeeding classes, when they are, and how to register.
Oktoberfest Lactation & Changing Station
Schneck Medical Center - October 04, 2017
Attention new moms! Schneck in coordination with Jackson County WIC and the Jackson County Breastfeeding Coalition, will be hosting a Lactation & Changing Station.
How Often Should My Breastfed Baby Eat?
Amie Brunner, RN - April 09, 2017
Learn about feeding cues your baby will give you when they are hungry, signs that your baby is full, and indications that your baby is getting enough to eat.
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