July 28, 2016
Schneck Medical Center has received a Five Star Rating—the highest possible rating for quality of care, customer experience, and value of care received—from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
The report released rates 4,599 U.S. hospitals; only 102 of those received five stars, putting Schneck in the top 2.2 percent in the nation and one of only eight hospitals in Indiana.
The report, available on the Hospital Compare website, reflects comprehensive quality of care in our nation’s hospitals and includes measures for routine care an individual receives when being treated for heart attacks and pneumonia to quality measures that focus on hospital-acquired infections.
The overall rating summarizes up to 64 quality measures—ranging from one to five stars—and shows how well each hospital performs, on average, compared to other hospitals in the U.S. The more stars, the better a hospital performs with the most common overall rating being three stars.
Examples of the 64 key measures included in the Star Rating ask questions such as:
  • How often do patients get an infection?
  • How long, on average, do patients have to wait in the Emergency Department before seeing a provider?
  • How often do patients develop complications after hip replacement surgery?
  • Will patients receive multiple CT scans or MRIs?
“I commend our staff for this achievement,” said Warren Forgey, President/CEO of Schneck. “As an organization, our mission is to improve the health of our communities. The Five Star Rating from CMS is the result of the compassion and commitment to quality care they provide to our patients every day.”