Bariatric Support Group

Having bariatric surgery is a major life change. You're likely to feel a lot of emotions before and after the procedure.
Talking about your joy, fears, and expectations with others who have been in your shoes can help.

Bariatric support at Schneck

Our bariatric support group is designed for people who are getting ready for surgery as well as those who've already had the procedure.

Led by our certified bariatric nurse, the support group meets once a month and provides a safe place for people to discuss their weight loss journeys. The group has been around for over 10 years and has more than 75 active members.

Topics and events vary from meeting to meeting, but the focus is always on better health. We have cooking demonstrations and feature guest speakers, such as our staff psychologist, doctors and dietitians.

We also hold a clothing exchange every August where people can swap sizes that are now too big for them.

Why you should go

As you get to know your other support group members, they'll become like family. And like family, you'll support each other in times of struggle.

The support group also provides motivation. You won't want to let your fellow group members down. That accountability will help you maintain your weight loss in the years to come. Studies show that bariatric patients who attend a regular support group have better continued success than those who do not go to such groups.

If you're considering having weight loss surgery, we encourage you to attend a meeting and ask questions. Hearing from people who have had the surgery can help you figure out if this is a lifestyle that's right for you.

This is an example of a recent support group:

Attend our next meeting

Come meet the group or return to meet friends on your journey. We look forwarding to seeing you there.

Upcoming 2020 Dates

Date Time Location
August 177 p.m.Schneck Auditorium
September 217 p.m.Schneck Auditorium
October 197 p.m.Schneck Auditorium
November 167 p.m.Schneck Auditorium