Patient Story - Jennifer's Story 



Jennifer's story may surprise you...

Being a mom and wife was Jennifer's priority, but her health and quality of life were suffering. She wasn't able to spend quality time with her family and her professional life was also impacted. So, Jennifer made a choice to improve her health with the help of Schneck Bariatrics. 

"I am able to enjoy my children. My two children are loving life because Mommy and Daddy are out - we ride bikes together, we go camping together, we play ball together," says Jennifer. "We get to go on adventures now. We do a lot more stuff because we are up and active, and we are being a family." 

Her professional life has also improved. She is more confident in what she does - not only in her knowledge, but the confidence in herself. And that confidence brushes off on those around her, too.

Making the Choice

Life before the surgery was difficult. Debilitating headaches, low energy, and the need to always sleep made her struggle to just make it through the day. "I knew something needed to change. My family deserved more than that," says Jennifer. "I deserved more than that."

Life-Changing Results

Bariatric surgery has potential life-changing results for patients. Schneck Bariatrics "gives you the tools you need and knowledge to help you succeed. They go along with you on the path," says Jennifer. "They give you the opportunity to keep up and hold yourself accountable." 

"Its not all about the food, its about a lifestyle change.
You changing to make your life better and your quality of life better."


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