Patient Story - Kylee's Story 



Kylee's story may sound familiar...

As a teacher, wife and mother, Kylee was always tired and her health was the reason. No matter what diet she tried, she always gained the weight back. Kylee felt she couldn't do the basic things any more - so she made the choice to improve her health with the help of Schneck Bariatrics. 

Making the Choice

"Life before the surgery was very unfulfilling,"  says Kylee. "I couldn't do laundry, going up and down the stairs, without getting out of breath. I couldn't go for walks around the block with my kids."

As a secondary special education teacher, Kylee helps students obtain their high school diploma. Being a good example for her kids at school and at home was just one of the reasons she made the choice to become healthier. Kylee chose Schneck because she wanted to have a place that would support her along the way.

Life-Changing Results

Bariatric surgery has potential life-changing results for patients. "Life has changed dramatically for me. I am able to run around with my kids," says Kylee. "I am able to do the laundry. I am able to buy clothes at regular places. Those things that might seem minuscule to some, make such a big difference to me."

"My outlook is much brighter. I feel more confident.  It is a night and day difference."


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