Patient Story - Shannon's Story 



Shannon's story may surprise you...

As a school bus driver, she almost lost her CDL because of her health. The kids meant everything to her so she made a choice to improve her health with the help of Schneck Bariatrics. 

"Life before the surgery wasn't as wonderful as I thought it was. Now, after the surgery, I couldn't image living it any better than what I am doing right now."  Shannon suffered from high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. This past August, during her first wellness check with doctor since her surgery, it was the first time in her life she got a clean bill of health. 

Making the Choice

Shannon is more active now than she ever has been. When reflecting on her life before surgery, she reflected by explaining, "Working on the farm was hard before the surgery. It is absolutely amazing now. I can do it all."

Life-Changing Results

Bariatric surgery has potential life-changing results for patients. "If you'd have told me at this time last year I'd be sitting where I'm sitting and doing what I'm doing now, I would've never believed you."

"Its been almost the most amazing year I've ever had!
When I hit the year mark it will be the most amazing year."  


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