Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Having bariatric surgery requires lots of education and certain lifestyle changes prior to your operation. The more you prepare, the more successful you'll be afterward. Let's look at the steps you'll take.

Attend our bariatric surgery seminar

We recommend that everyone who is interested in bariatric surgery attend one of our free informational seminars to learn more about the procedures.

It's a great idea to contact your insurance company before the seminar. Ask what your coverage is for weight loss surgery. We cannot schedule a consultation until we know your coverage.

Gather your health history

During your first consultations with us, we will go over your health history and medical records. Getting this information together can take some time. We advise starting on that process as soon as you understand your insurance coverage.

If you're confused about the information you'll need, we encourage you to call  our office for clarification.

Meet your bariatric surgery team

Schneck Bariatrics takes a team approach to your bariatric surgery. On top of meeting with your expertly trained bariatric surgeon, you will meet our staff psychologist and have monthly sessions with a registered dietitian to plan your nutritional requirements for before and after surgery.

You'll also be given a general health evaluation from our nurse practitioner and board-certified bariatric nurse.

Learn about the lifestyle changes you'll need to make

We recommend doing as much as you can ahead of time to learn about life after surgery. Becoming familiar with the foods and portion sizes you’ll be able to eat and the vitamins and minerals you'll need will make the surgery less of a shock to your lifestyle.

Prior to surgery, you'll be asked to give up drinking alcohol and smoking (for good). And you'll be expected to follow your dietitian's nutritional instructions to the letter.

We promise to do everything in our power to make sure that you are educated and prepared for your bariatric surgery. You can expect to receive in-depth information along with workbooks and checklists to follow as you move through our program.

Go to bariatric surgery support group meetings

Our monthly support groups are for patients who are considering bariatric surgery and for those who have already had it. Attending the meetings before surgery can help you express your excitement or concerns to a group of people who have been in your shoes.

This is an excellent way to prepare for surgery and to gain insight on what life will be like afterward. Learn more about our support Group.