Bariatric Procedures

Severe obesity can be a difficult condition to address with diet and exercise alone. But the consequences of being overweight can lead to a limited lifestyle, serious medical conditions, and a shorter life span.

Many people will try but continually fail to get their bodies back to a healthy weight. Factors, such as their lifestyle or genetics, might be working against them. Bariatric procedures can help people who are severely obese get over these hurdles and back on track to better health. 

Types of bariatric surgery we perform

Bariatric surgery changes the size and shape of your stomach to limit the amount of food you can eat. ‚ÄčAt Schneck, we offer two types of bariatric surgery - gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. 

We perform our procedures laparoscopically. That means we make a series of small cuts through your belly and insert a small camera to see as we work. Laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive, leaves smaller scars and usually has a faster, less painful recovery than open bariatric surgery, which uses a single large cut.

Gastric sleeve

You may hear gastric sleeve referred to as “vertical sleeve gastrectomy.” With this procedure, 80 percent of your stomach, along with its hunger hormone region, is removed. After surgery, the shape of your stomach resembles a banana.

Because we've made your stomach so much smaller, the amount of food you can eat is restricted and you feel fuller sooner.




Gastric bypass

Also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, this is a two-step procedure. First, the surgeon staples across your stomach with a special device. This creates a small pouch in the upper portion of your stomach.

Second, the surgeon cuts your small intestine and attaches it directly to the small pouch. They then reconnect the intestines. This allows food to bypass the lower section of your stomach and the upper segment of your small intestine. The procedure lowers your appetite and changes who your body metabolizes the food you eat.


Which procedure should I get?

Only one of our expert bariatric surgeons can answer this question. After completing some initial tests and examinations, your surgeon will be able to recommend whether gastric sleeve or bypass is right for you. It’s a decision that we individualize for patients.


Revisional surgery

In some instances, our surgeons may be able to perform a revisional surgery including gastric band removal. This is a complex situation that depends on your specific circumstances. You’ll be given more specific information once our surgeons understand what’s best for you.


Are you a good candidate for bariatric surgery?

Are you wondering if you’re a good fit for bariatric surgery? Learn more about what makes a good candidate and attend our free online seminar to take the next step forward.