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If you are a new patient, we ask that you please take a few minutes and fill out the following forms. Bring them with you to your first visit. This will ensure we can give you the best consultation and treatment possible. Plus, it will save you time spent in the waiting room filling out forms!

New Patient Letter
New Patient Information
Female Medical History
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Health extends beyond a doctor's appointment. See the links below for recent articles from Dr. Windley.

Pain Relief

Pain, for any length of time, is a burden and one of the most common reasons patients seek medical car. Our clinic strives to offer therapies that can provide relief in a healing, non-prescription form.

How to Deal with Chronic Pain the Natural Way
A Different Approach to Medicine

Nutrition / Digestive Health

Improved nutrition and digestive health will provide a huge benefit in overall health. Nutrition is the foundation to a healthy body and we want our patients to understand what their body needs to feel its best. Digestive health is tied to the effectiveness of your immune system. When digestive health is lacking, many symptoms appear that are hard to identify and correct with traditional medicine. 

Do You Eat Organic?
Tips for Better Digestion
The Advantages of Gluten Free
A Different Approach to Medicine


Many people feel frustrated because they don't know how to start an exercise program - whether it is not having enough time, don't have motivation, or maybe they just don't know where to start. Don't be left out of the loop. Exercise is not complicated and can be started in very simple ways that yield extraordinary gains.

Benefits of Exercise
How to Boost Energy Naturally


The amount of toxicity in the environment today can affect our health. Though it is a complex subject, it's important to know the benefits of detoxification.

Ideal Detox Foods

Fatigue Relief

Not receiving proper rest can lead to health conditions that take a toll on the body. It is possible to wake up with energy, and a good start gives your body the solid foundation it needs to get through the day.

How to Boost Energy Naturally
Benefits of Exercise
A Different Approach to Medicine‚Äč