Depression Awareness

October is National Depression Awareness Month. Within October, a special day is set aside to bring awareness and provide screening tools to help identify depression. 

This year our focus is on suicide prevention and learning the part that we all can play in recognizing warning signs and taking the correct action steps to help a friend or loved one in need. Please join us this National Depression Screening Day and help us spread the word to increase awareness of mental health. More than half of all people who die by suicide suffer from major depression. Do your part by learning the warning signs for depression and suicide and how you can help someone in need by visiting

Helpful Screening Tools

If you or a family member needs help coping with depression, please talk with your primary care provider and ask for a referral to Schneck Mental Health and Wellness. We treat depression, addiction, stress, and other forms of mental health illness. For suicidal thoughts or emergency cases, call 911. There are resources available in our community for short term, emergent mental health care.
There is hope. Seek treatment to improve your quality of life.