Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

At Schneck Medical Center, we’re leading the way in hip replacement care. That’s because we’re the only hospital in the area to offer the anterior approach. It’s an advanced technique that goes in through the front of the hip, reducing incision size, muscle damage, and pain—resulting in you getting ahead on your recovery.

Most hip replacement surgeries require strict precautions limiting hip motion for up to two months after surgery. Following the anterior approach, patients are immediately allowed to bend their hip freely and instructed to resume their daily activities.

Schneck Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is currently one of the only practices in southern Indiana providing this cutting edge procedure. Our surgeons have received extensive training in this new technique and have achieved excellent results. Often patients require little or no post-operative pain medications and are back to work in as little as two weeks.

To learn more about anterior approach hip replacement, attend a free informational seminar. Call (812) 524-3311 or click here to sign up for a seminar near you.