Custom Knee Replacement Surgery

Schneck Medical Center brings you an innovative approach for custom-fit knee replacements. We’re the only hospital in the area to offer the VISIONAIRE custom knee replacement technique. This state-of-the art technique leads to less scarring and a quicker recovery.

Your surgery will be unique to you with surgical guides and instruments designed specifically for you using MRI and x-ray images of your knee. Custom-fit surgical instruments eliminate more than 20 steps from the procedure, reducing anesthesia time, blood loss, soft tissue and muscle damage, and threat of infection. The VISIONAIRE system reduces the risk of implant misalignment, meaning your new knee may last longer than implants placed using traditional means.

Schneck Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is currently one of the only providers in southern Indiana utilizing this innovative technology. Our patients have enjoyed excellent results. To learn more about anterior approach hip replacement, attend a free informational seminar. Call (812) 524-3311 or click here to sign up for a seminar near you.