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Comprehensive Support

The goal of the Surgical Weight Loss Center is to enhance your ability to achieve significant weight loss and to provide you with the support and comfort that you need during that process. For this reason, we offer a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss surgery. Our team includes a highly trained bariatric surgeon, dedicated nurse practitioner, clinical psychologist, dietitian, specific operating room team, and dedicated nursing staff all specially trained in bariatrics.

Support Group

Research has shown that patients who attend support groups lose more weight than patients who do not. Schneck offers a support group for patients planning bariatric surgery and patients who have had the surgery.

We require that each surgical candidate attend at least one support group prior to surgery and once monthly for the first post-surgical year.

The changes in your diet and lifestyle after surgery will last a lifetime. You’ll have a greater chance of long-term success if you surround yourself with people who understand and support your goals.



Mental health consultations are part of the on-boarding process. Dr. Aaron Banister will assess patients before and after surgery.

Nutrition Consultations

We’re pleased to offer personal nutritional and dietary consultations. During the initial meeting, we will review your medical history and current diet. Patients continue nutrition consultations from three to six months prior to surgery and after surgery as needed to address any concerns. 

Comprehensive Medical History

Prior to your first appointment, please complete this medical history form. Please be as detailed as possible so that we can create a customized treatment plan that meeds your individual needs. 

Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our program. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you on your journey to better health.

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Medical History Form

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