3D Mammography Available at Schneck

Schneck is committed to the fight against breast cancer. In offering the Genius low dose 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exams, Schneck provides the latest and most effective imaging tool for breast cancer screening.

What is 3D Mammography?


3D Mammography at Schneck


The Benefits of 3D Mammography

  • Earlier Detection - The only mammogram proven to detect breast cancer 15 months earlier when compared to a traditional mammogram alone.
  • Greater Peace of Mind - Reduces unnecessary callbacks by up to 40%. Better imaging of dense breast tissue. 
  • More Accurate - Finds 41% more invasive cancers than conventional mammograms alone. In addition, there is a greater accuracy in pinpointing the size, shape, and location of abnormalities.

How can I get a 3D Mammogram?

  • First check with your insurance provider to verify 3D mammography coverage. In many cases, you can add 3D mammography to a traditional screening mammogram at no cost to you. 
  • Call (812) 522-0433 or complete the form below to schedule your screening mammogram. Ask to be scheduled for a 3D mammogram. 

Schedule your Mammogram

You can schedule your screening mammogram without a doctor's order. Fill out the form below to request your appointment. Our Centralized Scheduling Department will be in touch within two business days to confirm your time.

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