Nurse Navigator

A cancer diagnosis can be life-changing. Schneck's Nurse Navigators are nursing professionals who are specially trained to coordinate the clinical, educational, and supportive needs of our patients who are either facing a possible cancer diagnosis or are newly diagnosed with cancer. The Navigator helps patients and their loved ones navigate along the pathways of care. Their role is to serve as an expert and guide for patients in all aspects of their care. From the time of an abnormal biopsy, the Navigator is available, providing education, support, and assistance to obtain comprehensive cancer care at Schneck Medical Center.

How a Nurse Navigator Assists Patients

  • Coordinate with the patient, family, and caregivers to provide timely appointments and procedures.
  • Link the patient with appropriate resources such as social workers, who can be a valuable resource for financial and social care.
  • Provide education throughout the disease process for the patient, family, and caregivers.
  • Facilitate communication between the patient and providers.
  • Link the patient with appropriate follow-up care at completion of treatment.
If you are facing a cancer diagnosis, please call (812) 522-0480 to speak with our Nurse Navigator or email us. Let us help you navigate a path to wellness.