Patient Resources

A diagnosis of cancer can be a stressful time for our patients and their family. Having the most up to date information can make the treatment and recovery more manageable. This resource guide has many useful websites to use as a reference before, during, and after treatment at the Schneck Cancer Center.
American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
Needy Meds
United Ostomy Association, Inc.
Fertile Hope


Specific Cancer Sites

Bladder Cancer
Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
Bladder Cancer Webcafe
Brain Cancer
National Brain Tumor Society
Breast Cancer
Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Cervical Cancer
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
Colon/Rectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer Coalition
Colon Cancer Alliance
Endometrial Cancer (Uterus)
Gynecologic Oncology Associates
Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association
GIST Support International
Gastric Cancer Foundation
Head and Neck Cancer
American Head & Neck Society
Support for People with Oral & Head & Neck Cancer
Head & Neck Cancer Alliance
Kidney Cancer (Renal)
Kidney Cancer Association
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Lymphoma Education Network
Lymphoma Research Foundation
Lung Cancer
American Lung Association
Lung Cancer 101
Lung Cancer Alliance
Lung Cancer Support Community

Melanoma Cancer
Melanoma Patients Information Page
Multiple Myeloma Cancer
International Myeloma Foundation
Oral Cancer
The Oral Cancer Foundation
Support for People with Oral & Head & Neck Cancer

Ovarian Cancer
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Inc.
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN)
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer Foundation
The Prostate Net
Us Too International
Sarcoma Alliance
The Skin Cancer Foundation
Testicular Cancer
Testicular Cancer Research Center