Endoscopy Providers

Endoscopic procedures are performed at Schneck by specially trained physicians. Ask your primary care provider to refer you to one of these providers for your next endoscopy procedure.

Local Surgeons

Dr. Robert Cooper (812) 522-0505
Dr. Amanda Dick (812) 519-2388
Dr. Joyce Iwema (812) 519-2388
Dr. Luyen Le (812) 522-6237
Dr. Brandon Millick (812) 519-2388
Dr. Emanuel Nearing II (812) 519-2388

Local Family Physicians

Dr. Samuel Borcherding Family Medical Center (812) 522-1613
Dr. Aaron Frey Family Medical Center (812) 524-3333
Dr. John Fye Family Medical Center (812) 524-3333
Dr. David Hartung Schneck Primary Care (812) 522-1613
Dr. Bradley Morin Family Medical Center (812) 524-3333
Dr. Matthew Wilson Schneck Primary Care (812) 522-1613


Indianapolis Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Dr. Scott Buckley (812) 405-1523
Dr. Shan Cheng (812) 405-1523
Dr. Lucas Drake (812) 405-1523
Dr. Michael Morelli (812) 405-1523
Dr. Robert Vincent (812) 405-1523


Dr. David Wilson (812) 524-3328

Don't let not having a primary care doctor stop you from getting lifesaving screenings. If you don't have a primary care provider, call the Endoscopy Center at (812) 522--0463 and we can direct you to care resources and a doctor who can perform your screening. 
Need a reference for your next doctor's appointment? Take this flyer with you. 
Endoscopy Provider Flyer

Tell your provider you choose Schneck.