Pain Center

The Schneck Pain Center is dedicated to the effective treatment and management of pain. The goal of the Pain Center is to identify the underlying cause of pain and cure it. When a cure is not possible, pain management is used to reduce its devastating impact and help patients resume lives that are as normal and as pain-free as possible. 

Treating you as an individual

At the Pain Center, our staff will approach your case individually and objectively. The causes of your pain will be evaluated thoroughly and a treatment program developed for your individual needs. Your program will be geared toward maximizing your potential and increasing your functional capabilities.

Providing your care in a team-based environment

Thanks to the clinical support of a full-service hospital, patients receive services and treatment from a multi-disciplinary team of pain care professionals, including an specially trained anesthesiologist, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical specialists. Working together, our staff provides an exceptional range of skills, training, experience, and knowledge.

Start by talking with your doctor

Since the Pain Center works primarily from referrals, your pain condition should first be brought to the attention of your regular physician. Your physician can then determine if you should be referred to the Pain Center.