Endoscopy Center

The Schneck Endoscopy Center offers easy access to a full range of services for the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and disorders such as acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and colon cancer. Bronchoscopies and the Vein Center also offer services through the Endoscopy Center.
Our center offers a relaxed environment with medical staff focused on offering individualized patient care. Our specialized staff helps each patient’s visit go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Our center offers patient registration, reception area, surgical suites, and recovery rooms all in one convenient location. Enter Schneck through the Patient Entrance off Brown street. The center is on your left, just past the Outpatient Care Center.
To meet our patients’ specific scheduling needs, we offer a number of scheduling options. Since all surgeries at the Endoscopy Center are scheduled, your procedure is never bumped or delayed by an emergency case.
Most endoscopy procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return to work or home within two to three hours.
Schedule Your Procedure
Our priority at the Schneck Endoscopy Center is you and your procedure. To schedule an appointment, please contact one of our endoscopy providers.
Dr. Scott Buckley (812) 405-1523
Dr. Shan Cheng (812) 405-1523
Dr. Lucas Drake (812) 405-1523
Dr. Michael Morelli (812) 405-1523
Dr. Frank Troiano (812) 405-1523
Dr. Robert Vincent (812) 405-1523

General Surgeons 
Dr. Robert Cooper (812) 522-0505
Dr. Amanda Dick   (812) 519-2388
Dr. Luyen Le    (812) 522-6237
Dr. Brandon Millick (812) 519-2388
Dr. Emanuel Nearing, II (812) 519-2388

Family Physicians 
Dr. Randall Brown (812) 522-1613
Dr. Aaron Frey (812) 524-3333
Dr. John Fye  (812) 524-3333
Dr. David Hartung (812) 522-1613
Dr. Bradley Morin  (812) 524-3333

Schneck Pulmonology 
Dr. David Wilson      (812) 524-3328