Operational Updates

When visiting Schneck Medical Center or a physician practice, please wear a face covering.

Visitor Policy

Every visitor will be screened before entering the main hospital building located at 411 West Tipton Street, Seymour, Indiana.  Please consider arriving early for any scheduled appointments to allow time for screening. All patients and visitors are required to wear a face covering when visiting Schneck Medical Center.

Updated November 6, 2020

  • Visitors will continue to be screened at screening stations upon entry. Visitors must meet the criteria for an approved visitor including: at least 18 years of age, healthy, and wear a mask during the entire stay.
  • Beginning Monday, November 9, all visitors will be screened AND given a wristband upon arrival to Schneck Medical Center.

Hospitalized Patients: Limit of 1 visitor per patient, not in isolation status.

Isolation Patients: NO visitors will be allowed for ANY isolation patient in order to conserve our personal protective equipment resources.
End-of-life Patients (including hospice and isolation): No visitors will be allowed for any isolation patients. Exceptions may be made for patients who are actively dying as determined by the Hospitalist and Nursing Supervisor. Visitors must meet the criteria for an approved visitor including: at least 18 years of age, healthy, and wear a mask during the entire stay.
Surgery Patients: 1 visitor may accompany a surgery patient the day of surgery. Visitor will be permitted on the discharging unit to receive discharge instructions. 

Cancer Center: The Cancer Center will allow 1 visitor in the clinic, but continues to allow no visitors in the treatment room at this time.

Emergency Department: 1 visitor is permitted for patients in the Emergency Department. The visitor must stay in the patient room at all times.

Outpatient Departments and Physician Practices: 1 visitor may accompany the patient. 

Telehealth Visits

Many Schneck physician practices are offering telehealth visits when deemed appropriate by the physician. Patients must have a device that has a camera and a microphone installed. Patients interested in scheduling a telehealth visit are advised to contact their physician’s office. Schneck physician practices offering telehealth visits include:

  • First Urology of Schneck Medical Center (812-523-7477)
  • Schneck Bariatrics (812-523-5230)
  • Schneck Cancer Center (812-522-0480)
  • Schneck Integrative Medicine (812-523-5865)
  • Schneck Mental Health & Wellness (812-523-7852)
  • Schneck Neurosurgery (812-523-7870)
  • Schneck Obstetrics & Gynecology (812-523-5864)
  • Schneck Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (812-524-3311)
  • Schneck Pain Center (812-524-4253)
  • Schneck Pediatrics (812-523-7466)
  • Schneck Primary Care—Jackson Park (812-522-1613), Schneck Professional Building (812-523-5862), Brownstown (812-358-2400)
  • Schneck Specialty Associates (812-523-7893)—Endocrinology and Neurology
  • Schneck Surgical Associates (812-519-2388)
  • Well Life by Schneck (812-523-5185)