About the Foundation

The Schneck Foundation was formed in 1953 to encourage, hold, and administer gifts to the hospital. The Foundation played a key role in the hospital construction project, the yellow brick expansion along Walnut Street. The Foundation raised more than $850,000 - equaling just over $25 per Jackson County resident at the time. For perspective, a gallon of milk cost $0.94 and a postage stamp was $0.03. This effort was recognized by President Dwight Eisenhower with a letter commending the community for having, "the qualities of initiative, self-reliance, and brotherhood."  

Over the years, as Schneck and the community have grown, so has the Foundation. Today, the Foundation Board of Directors consists of community volunteers and the Foundation Executive Director/Schneck Development Director. Our purpose is to develop relationships and financial resources in support of the hospital. The Foundation works in the field of ongoing fund development and community relations with an emphasis on organizing and operating an extensive network of community and business leaders through an active Foundation Council. 

The Foundation Council is a volunteer network of over 100 community and business leaders working to increase the ongoing community and philanthropic support of Schneck Medical Center. The Foundation Council provides a working link between Schneck and the community.

A gift to the Foundation enables us to improve and expand patient care services, purchase medical equipment upgrades, and provide educational activities and programs for our growing community. We all want the best healthcare for our neighbors, friends, and families. Foundation donors have an opportunity to invest in an institution with a proven record of excellence, a future that is promising and secure, and in an institution that has the clinical experience to provide excellent medical care for those in need.

When you make a donation to the Foundation, one hundred percent of your gift goes directly to supporting the services Schneck provides. Donors have the opportunity to designate their gift to the program or facility of their choice or simply contribute to Schneck’s greatest area of need. All gifts to Schneck Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by current IRS regulations for a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Please make your gift today. If you would like to discuss your donation plans, please contact the Schneck Development office at (812) 524-4244 or by e-mail.