Schneck Foundation Donors

The Schneck Foundation was established in 1953 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to raise funds and promote awareness of opportunities which improve the health of our communities. The vision of the Foundation is to be the leader at connecting our communities with Schneck Medical Center.

The Schneck Foundation accepts gifts on Schneck’s behalf and works to fund both present and future equipment and program needs. Since inception, the Foundation has received $8.5 million in donations and gifted back $6.6 million. Contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible, with 100% of each gift benefiting patient care services, purchase medical equipment upgrades, and provide educational activities and programs for our growing communities.

Schneck Foundation has thousands of supporters involved in a number of different ways and levels of giving. Please take a moment to review the generosity of our communities.

Schneck Society

Schneck-Society.pngMembership into the Schneck Society is comprised of dedicated individuals with a deep commitment to Scheck Medical Center and its long-standing tradition of providing quality healthcare. This giving club encompasses individuals who pledge $10,000 or more to the Foundation. Those listed in bold represent distinguished donors of $25,000 or more.
Click here to see list of most recent donors.



EPiC-Logo-2020.pngEmployee Partners Invested in Caring, referred to as EPiC, is our employee giving group who choose to give back a portion of their pay to Schneck Medical Center. Funds are used to support projects throughout the hospital as well as humanitarian needs, which assists fellow team members. Click here to see the most recent list of EPiC donors.

Business Honor Roll

Business-Honor-Roll.pngBusiness Honor Roll recognizes businesses who contribute to the Schneck Foundation to build strong relationships between the organization and businesses to improve the health of our communities. Click here for the most recent Business Honor Roll donor list.


Healthbuilders-Logo-2020.pngHealthbuilders are a group of thoughtful members of our communities who choose to make a gift of $100 or more annually to assist us in the mission to improve the health of our communities. Click here for the most recent Healthbuilders donor list.


Heritage Circle

Heritage-Circle.pngHeritage Circle provides a framework to recognize and honor those who establish a Planned Gift for the Schneck Foundation. Most planned gifts are not known until the passing of the donor; however, the promotion of the Heritage Circle invites the donor to share the intent to give, allowing the Schneck Foundation to thank them personally. Click here for the most recent Heritage Circle donor list. 


Memorials.pngMemorials are given by individuals in memory of those who have chosen to honor Schneck Medical Center upon passing. Non-designated, gifts as well as designations for the Cancer Center, Women & Children’s fund, and Hospice, are among those available for contributions. Click here for the most recent Memorials donor list.



Honorariums & General Donations

Honorariums-and-General-Donations.pngSchneck Foundation Honorariums and General Donations are given by individuals or clubs/organizations wishing to honor good work performed by a Schneck team member or department demonstrating excellence. Click here for the most recent  Honorariums and General Donations donor list.

To find out more about how you can join these generous donors in supporting the Schneck Foundation’s mission to raise and promote awareness of opportunities which improve the health of our communities, we invite you to click here.