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Preparing for Your Stay

We want your stay at Schneck Medical Center to be a pleasant experience. We strive to provide the best customer service experience possible. This information will help you prepare for your visit with us.

Parking and Directions
What to bring with you
Preparing for your procedure
Pre-Procedure testing

Parking and Directions

Schneck Medical Center has Visitor Parking in front of the hospital, just off of Tipton Street (Hwy 50). Visitors should enter the hospital through the sliding doors. Patient drop-off, pickup, and parking is provided at the main entrance just off of Brown Street. Patients and their families can enter the hospital through the Patient Entrance doors.

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Schneck Medical Center is located at 411 West Tipton Street in Seymour. 


There are two ways to register for your procedure. Pre-registration can be done prior to your visit by calling (812) 522-0408 or (812) 522-0409. Pre-registration will make your admissions experience as brief and trouble-free as possible. If you prefer to register once you arrive, you can utilize Patient Registration. One of our friendly admissions representatives will assist you. Be sure to arrive 20 minutes prior to the time indicated on your paperwork. Park in Patient Parking, just off Brown Street. Enter Schneck via the adjoining Patient Entrance. Patient Registration is located on your right.  

We understand the importance of your privacy and rest during your stay. If you would like to limit the visitors you receive, you may choose from the following options during your registration process:
  • Yes publicity means that we will release room number and telephone number to friends and family who contact us.
  • No publicity means that NO information may be released to anyone.


You are urged to send all valuables home with relatives. We are not liable for the loss or damage of any money, credit cards, jewelry, glasses, dentures, documents, furs, leather coats, or any other articles missing unless deposited with us for safekeeping. A safe is provided in the security department should you bring such items to the hospital. Very few personal items are needed during your stay. Hospital gowns and pajama bottoms are provided. However, you may wish to bring your own pajamas or gown, bathrobe, slippers, and personal toiletry articles such as a razor, shaving cream, deodorant, cosmetics, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste. If you have forgotten any of these items, most are available in the gift shop which is located on the main floor near the Visitor Entrance.

Electrical equipment (electric razors, radios, curling irons, etc.) brought from home should be checked by hospital personnel for safety. Please advise your nurse if you have any of these items.

Small amounts of cash ($5.00 or less) for newspapers and Gift Shop items may be kept in the bedside cabinet.

Preparing for your Procedure

Be certain to follow all of the instructions provided by your physician's office. This includes abstaining from food or drink if directed to do so. Failure to follow these instructions could delay your procedure and unnecessarily prolong your hospital stay. If your procedure is surgical, your doctor may have scheduled a meeting with our PACE program.

Pre-Procedure Testing

Your physician may have requested that you have certain tests prior to your arrival. If you have the results of these tests, please bring them with you. 
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