Rock Steady Boxing Improving Quality of Life for Parkinson’s Patients

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When you think of Parkinson’s Disease, you probably think of someone with tremors and shaking, but Parkinson’s is more than that. It is a movement disorder caused by the loss of one of the chemicals in the brain. Symptoms can include tremors, trouble with walking, stiffness, balance issues, slow movements and more.

Jim Myers, a member of our community, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2016 and joined a support group in Seymour in 2019. At his first meeting, he learned about Rock Steady Boxing. He signed up for the program, approximately thirty minutes from home, and faithfully attended the class.

Jim even participated on-line during the height of COVID. When the program in Columbus was going to lose its trainer and shut down, Jim made it his mission to get the program started in Seymour. Jim enlisted the help of his brothers in Jackson Lodge #146, F. & A. M. to bring Rock Steady Boxing to our community. Thanks to a generous donation from Jackson Lodge #146, F. & A. M. and a matching gift from the Schneck Foundation, Amy Steffey and her team got to work to certify trainers and begin offering Rock Steady Boxing at CrossFit Seymour.

man with Parkinson's boxing

Rock Steady Boxing is an internationally recognized program with certified trainers that address the quality of life needs of people with the disease. The class requires that trainers be medical professionals to help address health concerns for Parkinson’s patients. Jim’s wife Linda noted, “Rock Steady helps participants physically, but also mentally and socially as well. Everyone in class has Parkinson’s so there isn’t the inhibition when participating.” Jim added, “And, it’s fun. Everyone who participates is excited to go back. It’s something we look forward to doing.”

Dr. Matt Meyer highly recommends the program. “Patients that I see who attend the class feel better, have better balance and stamina, and are happier. I’m really excited that we can offer this to Parkinson’s patients right here in Seymour.”

Schneck Medical Center is proud to have a hand in this needed program. The Schneck Foundation helped bring Rock Steady Boxing to Seymour and Schneck physicians and physical therapists are among the certified trainers for Rock Steady classes at CrossFit Seymour.

For more information about class times and participation, contact CrossFit Seymour at 317-460-2380.