Schneck Foundation

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our ability to provide the finest facilities, leading-edge technologies, excellence in our clinical programs and exceptional people has always been - and certainly will continue to be - directly linked to our community’s desire to support us.

In today’s challenging times, generous contributions from our community are a key ingredient to Schneck Medical Center’s long-term success. Gifts in support of our broad range of clinical services, community outreach, and medical education assure that every person who enters our front door in need of care is always welcome and never turned away.

Philanthropic involvement not only strengthens Schneck's facilities and technology; it is core to our mission: To raise and promote awareness of opportunities which improve the health of our communities. Health we all depend upon.

Schneck Foundation Offers Estate Planning Services

As a gift to our donors and friends, The Schneck Foundation has partnered with Thompson & Associates, one of the nation's leaders in charitable estate planning, to utilize resources to provide comprehensive, confidential services at no cost to you.

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The Schneck Foundation was formed in 1953 to encourage, hold, and administer gifts to the hospital. Over the years, as Schneck and the community have grown, and so has the Foundation. Today, the Foundation Board of Directors consists of community volunteers and the Foundation Executive Director/ Schneck Development Director. Our purpose is to develop relationships and financial resources in support of the hospital. The Foundation works in the field of ongoing fund development and community relations with an emphasis on organizing and operating an extensive network of community and business leaders through an active Foundation Council.

Foundation Volunteers

The Foundation Council is a volunteer network of nearly 100 community and business leaders working to increase the ongoing community and philanthropic support of Schneck Medical Center. The Foundation Council provides a working link between Schneck and the community.

Foundation Council

Foundation Donors

A gift to the Foundation enables us to improve and expand patient care services, purchase medical equipment upgrades, and provide educational programs for our growing community. We all want the best healthcare for our neighbors, friends, and families. Foundation donors have an opportunity to invest in an institution with a proven record of excellence, a future that is promising and secure, and in an institution that has the clinical experience to provide excellent medical care for all.

Ways to Give

When you make a donation to the Foundation, one hundred percent of your gift goes directly to supporting the services Schneck provides. Donors have the opportunity to designate their gift to the program or facility of their choice or simply contribute to Schneck’s greatest area of need. All gifts to Schneck Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by current IRS regulations for a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Schneck Foundation Grant Application

The primary focus of the Schneck Medical Center Foundation is to support health-related activities within Schneck Medical Center. Schneck Foundation will also consider providing support to various charitable organizations/programs in the local service area which support Schneck Foundation’s Mission, Vision, and Values.

Application and Guidelines