Pediatric Sleep Issues

What are Pediatric Sleep Issues?

Pediatric sleep issues such as inadequate sleep duration or poor quality sleep are important to address as they can cause daytime mood swings, irritability, poor school focus, and more severe behavioral and learning challenges. Some sleep disorders may even impact a child's cardiovascular health and growth. These issues are often underrecognized and can present in various forms, including insufficient sleep and bedtime difficulties. Such symptoms might be mistaken for mood or attention disorders.

Sleep issues can be especially challenging for both children and their parents. Our dedicated team of specialists is well-equipped to solve pediatric sleep problems effectively with sleep testing and we’re proud to be one of the few local pediatric sleep medicine providers. Rest assured, our priority is your child's health and ensuring they get the restful sleep they need for optimal growth and development. If your child is struggling with sleep-related challenges, don't hesitate to reach out to Schneck for expert guidance and support on all things sleep medicine.

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