Tick-borne Illnesses

What are Tick-Borne Illnesses?

Tick-borne illnesses include diseases from bacteria, viruses, or parasites transmitted from tick bites. Notable varieties include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and the Powassan virus. Treatments often include antibiotics or other medications tailored to the specific tick-borne illness. Although tick bites may not be immediately evident or cause pain, inspecting for ticks is vital. Early identification and treatment are crucial for preventing and addressing infection.

If you suspect tick-borne illness symptoms, seek professional care from Schneck Primary Care. Our team of providers is well-equipped to provide accurate diagnoses and timely treatments. Early intervention helps manage infections, and patients may be referred to Schneck Infectious Disease for additional support. Reach out if you have concerns and would like expert guidance on tick-borne illnesses.

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