Skin to Skin & The Golden Hour
Amie Brunner, RN - March 16, 2017
After delivery two things will happen: 1) your baby will go skin to skin on your chest 2) the Golden Hour will be for mom, dad, and baby to bond. Both of these are very important, help with bonding, and are a time that cannot be gotten back after they are gone.

Skin to skin has several positive effects, especially with breastfeeding infants. When placed skin to skin after delivery, babies will learn to recognize their mothers specifically. This is done by smell, touch, sound, and other senses. Skin to skin also promotes keeping baby’s body temperature regulated. A woman’s breast can actually heat up or cool down to accommodate the infant’s needs. Skin to skin helps calm down a fussy infant, helps promote breastfeeding, and should be a go to when your baby is sleepy, fussy, or having trouble latching on. Dads can also do skin to skin; it is not just for moms! 


The Golden Hour is the time right after delivery when family and friends are limited in the delivery room. You have waited nine months to see your beautiful bundle of joy. The first hour is time for mom, dad, and the new baby to bond. This can be just the one hour, or it can be longer, and is guided by the new parents. This special time includes skin to skin time, first feedings occur, pictures are taken, some tears are often shed, and it is a very happy time to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world.

For more information, check out the Golden Hour Brochure | Folleto de Hora Sagrada (La Hora de Oro).