Joint Pain Seminar

Considering hip, knee, or shoulder replacement? Join us for a FREE informational seminar. Our orthopedic surgeons will discuss state-of-the-art procedures at Schneck. Plus, visit with Physical Therapists and tour the Schneck Rehab Center to learn what happens after joint replacement surgery.

Interested? Follow these steps:
  1. Fill out the form below to register for the free seminar.
  2. Call (812) 524-3311 to schedule your free screening x-ray* at the Schneck Orthopedics & Sports Medicine office.
  3. Get your free x-ray* of your hip, knee, or shoulder at least one week before the seminar.
  4. Attend the seminar at 5:30 p.m. in Classroom 500, Schneck Professional Building, Level 5. An orthopedic surgeon will discuss your screening results with you immediately following the seminar.

* We're sorry; Medicare and Medicaid patients are not eligible for a free screening x-ray, but you're still encouraged to attend the seminar.

Complete the information below to register for our FREE seminar hosted by one of our expert surgeons. Don't forget to call and schedule your x-ray!