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Why is it a Matter of Heart?

Did you know that heart disease affects 1 in 4 people? Watch as Schneck Nurses and Stephanie Flinn, Executive Director of the Schneck Foundation, explain this year's fundraising campaign for Giving Tuesday.

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It's a Matter of Heart - and your donation may save the life of someone you love.

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Did you know...

  • One in every four deaths in our nation is due to heart disease. One death every 34 seconds.
  • Heart disease does not play favorites.
  • Even more disturbing, nearly half of all adults in the U.S. have some form of heart disease. And someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds. Half of these are first heart attacks, and one in five is a silent attack, meaning the damage is done without you knowing.
  • Elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and obesity are key risk factors for heart disease. Combined with Indiana's increasing rates of obesity and tobacco use, it significantly increases heart disease in our communities. In fact,
    • Indiana ranks 46th in obesity
    • and 45th in smoking and tobacco use
  • For those in cardiac arrest, studies show that a patient's chance of survival is decreased by 10% for every minute that goes by without shock treatment.

AEDs and medical-grade Defibrillators are not the sameā€¦

  • The job of both devices is to deliver an electric current, or shock, to revive an irregular heartbeat during resuscitation. AEDs are public access devices; you see them in businesses, churches, and even public areas in our medical center. Anyone without formal medical training can use them to assist in heart emergencies. AED machines can detect heart arrhythmias on their own or after a sudden cardiac arrest and automatically deliver the electric current to a patient when the device deems it necessary, telling the untrained user what to do through step-by-step instructions until medical personnel arrives.
  • Medical-Grade Hospital defibrillators are made explicitly for emergencies where trained medical personnel are present. These machines are superior, with a broader range of options requiring the knowledge of qualified doctors, nurses, and technicians to read the outputs and determine how large of a shock to give the patient and when to administer the shock.

Another lifesaving measure is A Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist Device, LUCAS Device for short, which provides mechanical chest compressions by delivering high-quality and consistent fixed-rate compressions. It reduces care team fatigue and individual variations from CPR and, therefore, the need to switch providers every two minutes.

Schneck has been in our communities for over 110 years to provide lifesaving measures when the unimaginable happens. One of our most critical lifesaving tools is a defibrillator used every day in our medical center. Our ability to provide the finest facilities, leading-edge technologies, excellence in clinical programs, and exceptional people has always been - and will continue to be - directly linked to our community's desire to support us.

For Giving Tuesday 2023, the Schneck Foundation will raise $200,000 to buy: 9 medical-grade defibrillators for the medical center, 2 LUCAS Devices for our Critical Care Unit and Emergency Department, and one public access AED with alarmed wall cabinets for all high schools in our service area.

Giving Tuesday Donations Have a Huge Impact

Donations to our It's a Matter of Heart initiative will have a broad and lasting impact. We will purchase an AED for all 12 high schools in our service area.

"AEDs save lives. Absolutely no question about it."

~Dr. Frank Pangallo, Schneck Emergency Services

Your Donation Might Help Save Someone's Life

Schneck has some of the fastest door to balloon times, well below the national standard. Watch the video to learn what that means for you and your loved ones.

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